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This is the greatest program to ever hit Australia for increasing the skills and confidence of our youth. YoungPreneurs wants to re-establish that Go Get It spirit that Australia is know for around the world by supporting those YoungPreneurs we have in our very own communities.

These programs designed to enable Teenagers and Young Adults from 13 – 30 years from all around Australia to learn from trainers and then work with mentors from the business  and education sectors in the creation of an innovative product and the sales and marketing skills required for a successful business in the 21st century. Both business and YoungPreneur can now come together on the implementation  these programs to create, build and present their business as a completed project.

Modern entrepreneurial skills required TODAY including:

green tick 25 x 25  Business conception and creation

green tick 25 x 25  Product development

green tick 25 x 25  Website design

green tick 25 x 25  Payment gateways and online stores

green tick 25 x 25  Social media marketing

green tick 25 x 25  Video marketing

green tick 25 x 25  Event management

YoungPreneur will learn and implement some of the most lucrative skills in the world today whilst having fun in a team situation supported by trainers, mentors and other YoungPreneurs. They will form lasting friendships, increase their own confidence and achieve results that they may never have previously had the chance to experience.

Mentors, whilst enjoying the process of assisting there mentoree, also benefit from the cudos of being involved with such a beneficial project and the lucrative marketing package attached.

Here is a list of programs we offer:



YoungPreneurs Scholarship PorgramYoungPreneurs Mentor ProgramYoungPreneurs Bootcamp ProgramYoungPreneurs Online Store Mastery Program


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YoungPreneurs Mentoring Program – Support a YoungPreneur of your choice

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YoungPreneurs Scholarship Program – Support a YoungPreneur from the community

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YoungPreneurs 5 Day Boot Bamp for (under 18 / over 18)

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YoungPreneurs Online Store Mastery

Youngpreneurs is for teens and young adults aged 13-30 years  and is designed to teach them the skills  to flourish in the digital age.


Would you like to leave a legacy beyond what you are currently doing in business?
Our vision is to help over 1 million Australian youth to learn the life changing skills to create their very own online businesses.

Get involved with YoungPreneurs TODAY !

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